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Non-Destructive Testing

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is the application of measurement techniques in order to identify damage and irregularities in materials. In some cases, NDT is the only practical way to obtain information about the current status and safety of process plant.

ISI employ Dye-Penetrant, Magnetic Particle and Ultrasonic testing to ensure fault free components, performed by qualified NDT engineers to PCN levels 2 and 3 and compliant with British Standards.

NDT can be performed on-site or at our in-house test facility, on a wide range of equipment, to prove weld repairs and joints, and identify component vibration / shock loading / age fatigue cracking.

Magnetic Particle Testing

Also known as Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), this method of non-destructive testing is used to detect surface and sub-surface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials.

MPI can typically be used for the examination of welds, castings, forgings and final machined components on new process equipment as well as in service inspection of existing components and structures. Finely divided ferromagnetic particles are used to identify the location, size and shape of the discontinuity.

Dye-Penetrant Testing

Used to detect surface breaking defects in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, Dye-penetrant testing examines the surface of an item for surface-breaking defects, such as cracks. Liquid penetrant is applied to the surface and left to soak, being drawn into any cracks by capillary action. Excess penetrant is then removed and a developer applied to draw out the penetrant from cracks, to enable a visual inspection of any defects.

Dye penetrant may be performed on site using red dye colour contrast for the inspection of castings, forgings and welds etc.

Ultrasonic NDT Testing

Ultrasonic testing uses sound waves to identify and evaluate internal flaws. Typically used to assess weld penetration, fusion of boiler welds and any welded components in areas where visual inspection is not possible.

Contact ISI for more information of advice about non-destructive testing.

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