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ISI Inspection Guide

The table is a guide to how often various items of equipment require to be inspected. However, legislation may change from time to time and ISI’s Engineering Office can always give you up to date advice, 01675 481779.

Inspection guide key

ST Inspections are required by statute at the interval shown.

SS Inspections are required by statute within the interval shown unless a written scheme of examination states otherwise.

SR Inspections are required by statute, frequencies given are recommendations which can be varied depending upon usage and / or risk assessment.

R Inspection recommended by the Government and / or Trade Association as a good practice with specified interval.


In addition to the above guidance, PUWER makes employers responsible for ensuring that any work equipment exposed to conditions causing deterioration which is liable to cause dangerous conditions is inspected at suitable interval

Pressure Systems

Frequency (Months)Key
Compressed Air Pressure Plant26SR
Hot Water Boiler (over 100 C)14SR
Steam Boilers & Steam Ovens14SR
Steam Pressure Vessels26SR
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Plant26SR
Other Pressure Systems26SR

Local Exhaust Ventilation

Frequency (Months)Key
Dust Extraction (6 months for metal dust)14ST
Fume / Vapour Extraction14ST
Shot Blast Units (monthly in foundries)6ST

Lifting Equipment

Frequency (Months)Key
Building Hoists6SS
Cranes and Lifting Machinery12SS
Fork Lift Trucks12SS
Lifts and Hoists6SS
Lifting Accessories6SS
Lorry Loader Cranes12SS
Motor Vehicle Lifting Tables6SS
Passenger Lifts6SS
In all cases 12 months will be reduced to 6 months if used for lifting persons

Power Presses and Power Machinery

Frequency (Months)Key
Power Presses and Press Brakes
12 monthly where press has fixed guards only or enclosed tool
Paper Cutting Guillotines6ST
Metal Cutting Guillotines6ST
Plastic Injection Moulding Machines6R
Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date, please note that the chart is only a simple guide. We do not accept any responsibility for any omissions or errors.


Download this guide

Download a pdf version of the frequency of inspection guide

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